hi i'm caesar rylan

aka caesar, rylan, thedarkbomber, or apioformic apioform aamoo pee pee abivorhmig pee APIOFORMS.

why apioforms?

  • bee bee inevitable apioformic bee
  • btw i love pee pee abiovorhmig pee
  • whatever happened to taswelll pee shulker? bees happened! apioforms! lovely apioforms!
  • Total runtime: 1:35:54

  • links

  • /var/games — a collection of games (eventually)
  • coral shoes — the sponsor of this website. bzzzzzzt.
  • interesting desktop environment ich gæn — eat cacti
  • cool MaXX Interactive Desktop – awesome DE that looks like IRIX, an OS made by some company that discontinued it in favour of going bankrupt.

  • apioformic CONTENT