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An XFree86/Linux distribution

Lirix is an XFree86/Linux distribution that ships with MaXX Interactive Desktop.

It is based on Arch Linux and all Lirix-relating utilities including mklirix and EZInstall are licensed under the BSD-3 Clause License.

Note that all Lirix-relating utilities strictly refers to the files on Lirix GitHub Repository only, bar the lirixiso folder.

LICENSING regarding MaXXdesktop

Lirix ships with the MaXX Interactive Desktop which is built with legacy code that is under license via the SGI Special License Agreement. For more details, view the license.

All new code under the MaXX Interactive Desktop project is under a BSD 3-Clause license and is available at

About the Lirix-relating utilities

Lirix Files

A package which lays out the basic file structure of Lirix.


An installer for Lirix that is currently text-based but looks nice still thanks to the Dialog utility.

It installs Lirix with a default hostname of apioform-hive, a default username of aamoo, and it is bad practice to tell you passwords. But it has a default password too, yes.

It is designed for it to be possible to get to a working installation by just going next, next, next. But don't do that.

Currently text-based, but perhaps one day there'll be a graphical installer.


Literally creates Lirix. It literally just is a Bourne Again Shell script that creates a Lirix SquashFS. That just shows how easy it is to make Arch-based distributions, i guess.

Lirix Package

Not sure how to explain it but it includes mklirix and does important things. Keep an eye out on it.

Bee picture.

Because, like bees, Lirix, thanks to the amazing MaXXdesktop, is optimal. Used resources are wasted resources, and a fresh installation of Lirix exceeds no more than 200MB of RAM, most of it being due to system services and stuff. One can only imagine what impossibly low resource usage a Void Lirix flavour could be.

A: The Cree word for bee is aamoo.

B: That link at the top saying to get fully MaXXinated is also a link to the ISO, btw.